Living Culture and Nature

Post Tour 2019

The southern center of the Nicaraguan Pacific is magical and diverse, it is the entrance to a variety of customs, traditions and natural beauties. Masaya is the capital of folklore. Imagine that there is nothing about it! Its emblem is the volcano with a lake of visible and extraordinary lava. A Handicraft Market to take with you the identity of Nicaragua represented in clay, leaf, fiber, wood, stone, metals, shells …

The oldest city in the country and colonial par excellence is Granada, it preserves so many architectural features of the genesis of Nicaragua that you will love it, guarded by the green and imposing Mombacho volcanoes and dotted with 365 islands formed by the eruption of the colossus. Direct contact with nature and culture, guaranteed.

We finish at the most famous beaches in Nicaragua located in San Juan del Sur with options to fly over the treetops, surf, see cruises, dance until dawn, photograph a magical sunset and always want to return.


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